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Featured Artist

Do you or some one you know have a site dealing with ORIGINAL  digital or conventional art talents? Please submit the name and website url with a brief description and a photo of your work (gif or jpg format please) All artist that are featured will have a display in the fashion as below artist.  


Photography and watercolors make up this display of art of time long ago mixed in with the futuristic ways of astrology and more Please check out Carols site and see for yourself why this site is among the featured artist

Graphic artist and web designer, Jon displays amazing talent with 3d landscapes and abstracts. Also be sure to visit the animation section.

Sharyne E. Walker Is a dynamic artist who has been touched and blessed by a talent that is known world wide. When I first saw her work I felt the power   that inspired her work. PLEASE see her site you will see what I mean

Not just another digital 3d artist. I would have to say he is one of the best for abstract landscapes artist I have seen in a while. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.

Robert Sorensen has amazing talent and is known internationally. His work is unique and vivid Please check out his new bio and lay out.

Professional art and design site. From original art to cd covers. Very modern styles if art and printing is what you want take a look here. 

Open your mind to a new world of art for the spirit. June displays a amazing website devoted to her art work as well as her spirit. Enrich your well being and visit this site!

Part of Total Image Art work and graphic design. This site offers services as well as a great online gallery. Worth the click!

Creative paintings with individual moods and messages. Mainly abstracts with some touches of nature to enhance sense of well being.

Stunning paintings with such rich and vivid colors.  Jenny has a wonderful site dedicated to her work and gallery showings

Amazing Photography! This site is a MUST SEE! Breath taking landscapes.


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