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.........And The Winner Is

The winners of the Creative web Design Award

Michelle Jung Canadian Extendcare service for those who have special needs find out how you can help lots of other related resources too.

Simon Ferguson A creative website with teaching and understanding of the bible. This site is very educational and many areas to explore.  I do suggest visiting this site you may learn something that will change your life.

Steen Elvekjær Great site! Check out the cams on the African section. Also great games cheats and cartoons. There is allot to do and this site is VERY well constructed. Great job! 

 Cindy Johnson  Poems, chats, cool links and games and most of all GREAT Angel links. This site is easy and fun!! Great sense of colors and design.

Pamela Walton California Pamela is a creative personal web site with a awards program and a great link exchanges. You also may find some useful links for the sate of California. 

Carosella Family Memorial To Michael & Info Site on his rare condition known as Dandy Walker syndrome. Also family stories great links and a awards program

Alain & Estelle BARBET This site is great but you should know the French language This site has a great layout and very good navigation please check out the postcards they are great. Good job!

Global Design Software Software site for medical programs. Great site and professional too. Please check out the links and the awards site its worth your while.

Mary Thompson This site is the home of The Michael O'Neal Singers, , a non-profit organization, is a symphonic chorus. The singers perform a diverse repertoire of choral music ranging from masterworks to Broadway favorites. This site includes information on MOS concerts, recordings, reviews, and tours. Very quick down loads of clips of songs, This site is well put together....Great job!

 Judy Biddy Spiritual site, very uplifting and educating on spiritual awareness. This site is designed for for Judy's church. Personal Note: Being that I do have a strong faith in God I highly recommend this site to any one who feels the same way

 Mic Miller Check out the Beeline! Indiana's coolest website! There is so much to do here and its a lot of fun with 16 local and national directories and along with that find out what "gold Bars" are. who knows you may even win if you apply for one of the awards!

 Philip Eclectic: PHILDAPOOBEAR! Great layout of well used Java! I have to say I enjoyed browsing this site because his java works and mine just did not quite cut it. But in all fairness the site is great. Good graphics and layout. Good Going!

John Comerford: Cool concept of web site having all of the top search engines on one can also check out your horoscopes and much more. This is a growing site I can't wait to see what will become of it.

Robin Linecum: Robins focus on this site is family and the art of poetry and feeling good. This site artistic garden design is very calming and some fun features check out her slam book an poetry.

Annie Steele Terrific mixture of photography art and poetry. Annie displays her photography matching  perfect to her poetry. This site is very eclectic and artistic. The sites design is slightly different than most but is well deserving of this award.

Barbara Tampieri Learn about Italian Culture and arts in this sophisticated websites dedicated to art, music, movies and travel. This site can be viewed in Italian and English. This site has a great design and navigation is flawless.

Bryon Sotiropoulos This site is great! Please make sure you check out the photography and the art sections in this site and see the art work done to his room. (very cool) Also, if you are a Rolling Stones fan this site is for you . 

Alberto Paronetto Informative and intelligent, this site displays newspaper articles dealing with Argentina economy. Its different than the other sites that are displayed here but because of the lay out and mission I felt that it deserves a award of recognition.


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