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Winners of the Blue Heaven award

Michel Parayre A brief survey of the work of Gabriel Bonmati, French artist and painter. His work is characterized by formality of design, stylized presentation of figures, rich use of colors strongly influenced by Renaissance masters, beauty and poetry. His woman are sensuous, clad in robes of luxurious fabrics, pure, serene and somehow melancholic, with that inner smile of their Madonna like face. FANTASTIC SITE!!!!!  ONE OF THE BEST YET!

WILLEMIJN BOUMAN The style of her large and colorful acrylic paintings is lyric abstract. Also she makes woodcuts with oakwood of 8000 years old... In assignment she designs murals and ceramic applications for architecture. Her studios are in The Hague, The Netherlands and in Cappadocia, Turkey: the influence of this bizarre landscape on her artwork is visible.

Ann's Art Sophisticated collection of oils, pastels and acrylics. Also check out sending electronic  greeting cards with Ann's art work.

Tristen A wonderful collection of graphic art, design and animation. This site has some great links too. There is also a really cool awards program too. Be sure to check this one out.

IceDream Great site! Filled with art, animation and much more. If you use icq  plus there are some  great skins in there to give your chat program a personal touch. I highly recommend this site!

Sharyne E Walker: Sharyne is a remarkable person as well as a artist. Over coming personal battles with cancer her work is astonishing and spiritual! Her art and web talents are truly a gift from above

Alan King: Alan King has a wonderful display of abstract 3d art. mix medias all in one! I love his work its nice to see other 3d artist use such vibrant colors and contents of his work. Alan is well deserving of the blue heaven awards check his site and see what I mean.

Penny Dove: Congratulations to Penny Dove for being the winner of the Blue Heaven award for her incredible lay out and creative design on her web site that is based on psychic awareness. Great Job Penny, keep up the good work!

Phillip A Krynsky: Amazing abstracts! This site proves true talent. This is one of those sites where I have to let the artist and the work speak for its self. Let me just say this site is a must see!!

Jon Peterson A superb 3D artist with fantastic design concepts.  Please check out the free 3d section loads of stylish 3d landscapes and much more. I wish you the very best and keep up the great work!

Jordi V. Pou  Photographer and artist Jordi  shows the world from his camera lens.  The art work on this site is great the layout and navigation is very smooth and easy to use. The entire site is perfectly themed as well. A job well done

Paned Expressions Studio This site was sent by J.L. Parker President of the Paned Expressions Studio. This site has a wonderful collection of hand crafted stained glass windows. This site has a lot to offer and the galleries are amazing. Please check out other offers and services while browsing the site.

Sue Dickinson Here is a collection of original art by Sue Dickinson. Very well put together  gallery showing life and culture in south Africa. From prints to postage stamps. This site was a delight to review.

Linda Huffman Linda has a incredible talent for oil painting and cartoons! Light hearted site filled with warm images this one is worth the click and a bookmark! 

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