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...............And The Winner Is!!!!

Winners of the Cool  Site award

James Thompson It is a tour of Disney's Character Head dept. where all of Disney's Character Heads are made. This site is very cool if you like the "behind the scenes' look at the super world of Disney.

Peter L÷vgren Great site for those with furry friends. This site has a great design and there is plenty to do here as well. Peter also has great  backgrounds and custom buttons for websites. 

Sten Lassen Humorous website! These are the sites that are what makes the internet  and being online fun. Loads of great links and sections, A MUST SEE!

Feral Horses  A in depth look at the wild horses of the Atlantic cost. Find out how this breed of horses have survived all these years and what is being done to preserve there existence.

The French Natural Site by owner BRIGITTE ARLETTE RAHMAN. A online boutique style shop with every thing from skin care to antiques also be sure to take a look at the gift shop. I love the feeling of this place!

Fee Feather art? Oh yea its really cool! loads of information and history of feathers in cultures. Be sure to check out the dream catcher section that is my favorite

S.O.LIM If you are a soccer fan this is your site! All about soccer but that is not all that makes this website a cool site, there is plenty to keep you busy for a while with link exchange and sign up for your own email account.

 Barbara Ann Quilts, chocolates, cats and much more. Come and visit this cozy side of the internet this site is perfect for cat lovers like myself. The site is filled with goodies check it out.  

Hans & Thomas Creators of a SUPER spiritual site exploring religions, cultures  and along with new technology of graphic design Please check this site out its SO different you will want to place this one in your book marks.

 Pat McCarty This web site shows the activities, facilities, events and programs offered by BREC, the Baton Rouge (LA) Recreation and Park Commission. BREC has something fun for everyone in the family, from basketball leagues to a zoo, an arboretum to a plantation, an observatory to a swamp. Enjoy your stay! (don't for get to check out the great display of photos in the observatory.)

Randy Crossman Ever gone to the fair and tried so hard to win one of those cute stuffed animals but your luck that day was not on your side? Well here is a web site where you don't have to play games just purchase them online! Check out this site Please.

Carmen Rogers: This site is was a toss up of the cool site award and the creative web site award. Carmon had a site dedicated to the Author V.C. Andrews "Evil Grannys" if you know any thing about the book this site is for you you can punish evil characters and so much more. Very cool site Carmen, keep it up!

Bittin Jonsson: If you are a animal person especially Dobermans this site is for you! I normally would not give a site like this a award but I feel that the design and artistic nature was well worth the award. Give it a look you will see what I mean.

Egyptian  Handcrafts: This site IS cool! If you are into Egyptian art and crafts this site is worth a click.  I personally enjoy the history and the art of the time period.