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..........And The Winner is!

Winners of the New Horizon Award

Bonnie S. Urquhart  Photographer and artist dedicating her work to her love of horses and other animals this site is very interesting with facts art and design. Please pay this site a visit I am glad I did.

Maxine Heart felt and inspirational. This site has the most incredible  inspirational art work I have seen yet. This site is great for any one dealing with a child with a severe  disability or a mother who has lost a child due to related circumstances. 

The Lennons the Artisan Studio is a great site that has a lot to offer besides great graphics Plenty of other created sites and awards program. There are 3 different gallery style displays of the art work by Christine.

Dominique Clément Wonderful graphics and design!

Carol Tipping Elaborate photography mixed with watercolors and computer art. Please check out the astrology paintings, VERY COOL!

 Darrin Bell Known for great comic strip Rudy Park. I love this site not only is there great talent but its fun and funny (yes at the same time) Check it out it will make your day!

 Christophe Cassegrain: Incredible Photography!!  This site is VERY well done and professional. I have listed the English version however once in to the site you can choose French if need be.  WELL DONE!

Jessica: Internet love! A heart felt website about Jessica's internet romance going real time TV!  I have seen sites like this and lots of blah blah blah but this site IS that good to receive a award!

Basil Filippone: Of course this site would get a award for impressive digital painting! Extremely vivid colors and rich theme. This site is fast moving and entertaining for art lovers.

Empress: Fairies and rainbows are this fantasy art website. Very cool I love the backgrounds and the art work is SUPER! Please check out the rainbow art section.

WarmEmber Blessed are the words of a poet. Compelling poetry enhanced with calm melodies. Enchant your self today and visit this site.

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